Sunday, May 24, 2009


So, it has been FOREVER since i blogged. I am sorry. I haven't even looked at other peoples blogs. I feel so out of it. Well, we have a lot to catch up on. First of all, I have made a new discovery. Rusty is TERRIFIED of pinecones. Literally TERRIFIED. Let me explain. Mickey and Rusty and I were all on a family walk the other night when rusty spied a pinecone on the ground. Actually they were pretty hard to miss since there were about a gazillion of them lying around everywhere. Rusty began walking (Yes, walking. He is a walking machine!) away from all the pinecones. We couldn't understand why he didn't like them so mickey picked one up and tried to give it to rusty and he began backing up and whimpering. Rusty loves rocks, sticks, dirt, and grass, but pinecones are a no go. Here is a pic of rus with us on our walk:
He is getting so big so fast!!!
Just some random things that I love about little rusty is:
He LOVES water. I think that he is part fish. He recently realized that when he is in his tub he is actually sitting in a pool full of water. He now tries to lean over and suck all the water up. I have to frantically shove his binky in his mouth to keep him pacified.
Rusty is the master of the stairs. We have stairs in our house and his greatest joy is to climb up and down them endlessly. Well, technically he climbs up, and then i have to help him back down since he likes to try stepping down them by himself which means he goes diving headfirst to the bottom. I am not so fond of this game myself.
He LOVES being outside. When he gets sick of being stuck inside our house he will go to the front door and start tapping on it continuously and whining until i let him out for a breather.
He has the most beautiful blue eyes. Really. I love looking into them. I hope they stay that blue forever!
Well that is it for now. Nothing much new with us. And here are some extra pictures of rusty. Just because

Yes, we took rusty to Disneyland a few weeks ago and it was so fun!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Giving Birth to a Blog

While giving birth to a blog isn't quite as much work as having a baby, (ok, its not even close) it still takes some work. I wouldn't even have a blog without my fabulous sister Jeni who set this up for me and tackled the arduous process of teaching me how to blog. So, thanks sis!
Poor Rusty, who is now almost 10 months old, is a sicky chicky. This fact became obvious when:
A. Rusty didn't sleep all night B. Rusty didn't sleep all night because he was crying all night and C. Rusty had a temperature of 101. So i took the poor little guy to the doctor this morning to find out he has his millionth ear infection. This kid ALWAYS has ear infections so that came as no surprise, but the doctor also said that rusty looks like he has some teeth trying to pop out. This will be rustys first teeth. While that is all well and good, teething babys with ear infections = no sleep for baby which therefore = no sleep for me which = crabby baby and crabby mommy. I love my sleep and i am already sorely missing it.
On a brighter note, to try to escape from the crabbies, we decided to go on a drive over to my parents. There we found Olivia and Jeni. We had a crazy fun baby party, and rusty and I were successfully rescued from the crabbies.

My parents were kind enough to let rusty raid their cabinets
Then Olivia decided to join in the fun
I just love this picture cause he kept grabbing his nose
Hope you feel better soon Rusty!